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Selected Accomplishments on Behalf of Clients

  • Identified over $1 Billion in financing for Fortune 500 client products and services available from U.S. Government and worldwide sources; recommended and implemented creative strategies to access financing for major opportunities in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

  • Neutralized predatory and subsidized export financing offers from foreign governments for a sales opportunity in an emerging market of the former Soviet Union through U.S. Government intervention, enabling the American client to remain competitive in the bidding process.

  • Developed market intelligence, strategic planning, market assistance and financing for clients in various industries, including cutting-edge technologies and introduction of new products in the energy sector. Introduced clients to key contacts in government, industry, and financial institutions to promote their unique capabilities in global markets and to gain support for their business development, marketing, and financing efforts.

  • Obtained financial support for small business clients (including woman-owned companies) for their products and services overseas through various U.S. Government finance and insurance programs to mitigate international payment risk.

  • Identified sources of funding for client products and services through World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and Asian Development Bank projects. Developed strategies to pursue opportunities, aggressively marketed clients' capabilities to development banks, established and built relationships with key officials and staff, devised bid and procurement strategies, and advised clients throughout the process of securing funding.

  • Provided Washington, DC-based representation for clients that do not have a Washington presence, allowing companies to optimally use U.S. Government and international financial institution resources. Also provided complementary support to firms with established Washington offices for projects that require specific expertise in and access to Washington-based programs that are critical to competitive success.

  • Organized executive roundtables, interactive seminars and training programs for business clients and trade associations on accessing and using U.S. Government export assistance, advocacy, and financial support programs. Arranged high-level "Washington Networking" events to introduce clients and their worldwide sales representatives to key officials in the U.S. Government, industry and international financial
  • Spearheaded successful campaigns for clients that convinced Congress and Executive Branch agencies to implement competitive, cutting-edge strategies and finance programs for high technology exports, as well as initiating innovative small businesses programs in cooperation with the private sector.

  • Provided consulting services to the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (Ex-Im Bank) to help millions of America's small and medium-sized businesses gain access to government export financing programs. Developed, designed and launched the Ex-Im Bank Trade Association Partner Program (TAPP), an ambitious, cooperative national outreach effort.


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