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In your efforts to penetrate foreign markets, are you taking full advantage of U.S. Government programs, the World Bank, and other key resources to increase your competitiveness? Do you know how to avoid potential costly barriers and delays that could adversely impact your global business opportunities? Do you know where and how to begin to get results? How would Your Washington OfficeTM help you expand your business?

  • If you need help in selling your products or services overseas, do you know what help is available through U.S. Government and other resources located in Washington, DC? Do you know how to find the right person to call for help who will actually return your call and provide practical advice and expertise?

  • When you are confronted with an unfair competitive situation in a World Bank-funded project, do you know whom to contact to ensure that your bid will receive appropriate and fair treatment?

  • Do you know how to gain Congressional attention and action on a public policy issue that affects your business? Do you know how to build alliances with other companies and organizations to promote your views on this issue among influential Congressional committees?

  • Can you identify and access government resources (financing, funding, programs, government leverage) that can improve your chances of gaining access to and being competitive in developing country markets?

  • When partnering with another firm is the appropriate strategy to gain government funding or assistance on an international opportunity, do you know who has the knowledge and experience to help you connect with it?

Your Washington OfficeTM has the long term relationships with senior and influential government and international organization officials, knows how the pieces fit together to find the right solution expeditiously, understands government programs and how to access them, can unravel government red tape and break through the bureaucracy to deliver the information, resources and assistance that will result in successful outcomes for your firm in the global marketplace. Your Washington OfficeTM has an impressive track record in successfully leveraging government and international institution resources on behalf of its clients.

Click here for examples of how Your Washington OfficeTM has helped clients realize their expectations and achieve their goals in overseas markets.


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